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About Me

Dawn Claghorn - Owner, Vegan Baker, Blogger


I love to bake! Many moons ago I seriously thought about opening my own bakery.  Life had different plans for me.  I became an educator and my dream of becoming a baker went to the back burner.  Fast forward to June 2019 I shocked myself and decided to try a 30,-day vegan challenge.  After two weeks, I was hooked and never looked back.  I started figuring out ways to make my favorite meals vegan which wasn't too difficult.

The challenge for me was baking my favorite desserts vegan.  There were a lot of sweat and tears, but eventually, I started to create vegan desserts that even nonvegans couldn't resist.

Once again my desire to have my own bakery reared its sweet head.  This time I took the plunge and in the fall of 2019 I opened my online bakery in time for the holidays.  My sweet potato pie and red velvet cupcakes were a hit!  

Over the next several months I would change my biz name a few times, but I finally found the name that fits.  Sweet Magnolia Vegan Bakery only serves yummy vegan treats that any sweet tooth will love.  Everything is made from scratch! No box mixes are allowed here.  

The name says it, but let me reiterate, "Dairy-Free" favorites that lack nothing in taste, will keep you coming back for more.  

Not only do we cater to vegans, but we also cater to my sugar-free and gluten-free peeps. We also satisfy the nonvegan sweet tooth too.  All are welcomed here!

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